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FV 187

Featuring: FV 187

Released: 2013-04-12





Price: $ 35.80
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1 SHEILA v LUCRETIA 2 VIXEN v SILVER 3 LUCRETIA v JULIA 4 LUCRETIA v JULIA (Second Camera) 5 CANDY v LUCY B 6 CARLY v LUCY B The first three of these fights take place on mats rather than in a ring. The first is an open-air black v white match. fought over four rounds. It?s a fairly competitive affair with punches being traded continually and with neither girl yielding much. In the second match we have Silver, shaven-headed - completely shaven in fact - against Vixen, who is something of a good sport. The fighting is fairly aggressive though as Silver takes the initiative with some forceful punching. The next match is an interesting one in which baby-face blonde Julia starts defensively then as her confidence increases takes a more assertive role. The second-camera sequence is particularly satisfying. We were commissioned to arrange the next two matches for a programme on women boxing for Bravo. They take place in a ring, using helmets. The boxing is fairly light and, while both Candy and Carly fight nude, Lucy is topless.

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